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LUCIA building from the UVa wins the Green Building Solutions award in the category of Zero Energy Buildings

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This Net Zero Energy and Zero CO2 Emission Building is destined to shelter the laboratories and the research center of the University of Valladolid. It combines thorough bioclimatic design and use of renewable energies to respond to every energy need of the project.

The energy mix includes biomass, photovoltaic solar energy and geothermal energy. A strategy to reduce consumptions was also layed out. This building is an excellent example of sustainability for the management and production of autonomous local renewable energies, contributing to decentralizing energy and to developing renewable energies.

Drawn out proteins make self-healing scaffolds

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An international team of researchers from London, Israel, Portugal and Spain has made tubular protein-based structures that can be shaped into a network by manually pulling out new branches from existing tubes. The structure is based in one of the elastin-like proteins (ELP) created by the Bioforge group. It is self-healing and bioactive, and can support the growth of human cells for tissue engineering.

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