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Our student Juan González Valdivieso is awarded for his scientific picture

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Juan González Valdivieso’s picture has been awarded the First Scientific Photography Competition for Young Researchers PHOTOPOL2019 by the Institute of Polymer Science and Technology and Spanish Government in 2019.

Congratulations Juan!

Bioforge’s article is awarded as the best article of young people by the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Bioforge’s article entitled «Self-Assembling ELR-Based Nanoparticles as Smart Drug-Delivery Systems Modulating Cellular Growth via Akt» has been awarded as the best article of young people by the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (SEBBM).

Congratulations to the authors!

Our studen Arturo Ibáñez Fonseca is awarded for his defended thesis

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Arturo Ibáñez Fonseca’s thesis entitled “Novel hydrogel-forming elastin like recombinamers for biomedical applications“ has been awarded Julia Polak European Doctorate Award by the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB) in 2018 and, more recently, Extraordinary Doctorate Award by the University of Valladolid (UVa).

Congratulations Arturo!

Filippo Cipriani and his team won the TERMIS-EU SYIS Debate Competition for the 3D printing motion

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The TERMIS-EU SYIS Debate Competition has been launched for the first time during the TERMIS-EU 2017 that took place in Davos (Switzerland) the last 26 – 30 June. The topic of the Debate was “Will 3D-Printing or Decellularised organs rescue the donor-based organ scarcity for transplantation?”

The team composed by Daniela Pacheco from Portugal, PhD candidate in Materials Engineering at Polytechnic of Milan (Italy); Sebastião van Uden from Portugal, PhD candidate at Bioengineering Laboratories “BEL” (Italy); and Filippo Cipriani from Italy, PhD candidate at Technical Proteins NanoBiotechnology “TPNBT” (Spain) won the debate for the 3D printing motion.

The Scientific debate has been such an intense, brilliant, unordinary brainstorming. Filippo, Daniela and Sebastião would like to thank the TERMIS – SYIS council for this amazing opportunity.

Alicia Fernández Colino and María Jesús Piña Lancho are awarded for their defended thesis

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Alicia Fernández Colino‘s thesis entitled «Thermosensitive injetable hydrogels with enhanced stability based on elastin, silk and leucine zipper motifs for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications» and María Jesús Piña Lancho‘s Thesis entitled «ELR-based nanocomplexes with potential biomedical uses» have been awarded by the University of Valladolid (UVA) as Doctorate Extraordinary Awards.


Israel González receives the European Doctorate Award 2015

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El Norte de Castilla

Israel’s thesis called: «Biofunctional hydrogels based on elastin-like recombinamers as extracellular matrix analogues» has won the European Doctorade Award 2015, granted by the European Society of Biomaterials. The new created hydrogels are able to induce tissue regeneration, bone healing and avoids the rejection of body foreign materials like titanium stents.

Congrats Isra!!




Congratulation to Alicia!

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Alicia Fernandez-Colino, recently won the first Prize for her oral presentation in the competition of the XIII GEP  conference

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Congratulations to Alessandra!

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Congratulations to Alessandra for winning the first prize in the competition of the 6th International Meeting on Biotecnology!

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