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Our student Arturo Ibáñez Fonseca defended his thesis

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Arturo Ibáñez Fonseca defended his thesis, entitled “Novel hydrogel-forming elastin like recombinamers for biomedical applications”, on the 24th of November 2017. In his thesis, carried out under the supervision of Fco. Javier Arias Vallejo and Matilde Alonso Rodrigo, Arturo studied the biocompatibility of ELR-based hydrogels to use them in the tissue engineering and regenerative medicine field. Specifically, he showed that these hydrogels promoted bone regeneration in vivo. Moreover, fluorescent hydrogels were also obtained, showing a Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) when ELRs genetically fused to two different fluorescent proteins were combined to form the hydrogels. In summary, his thesis sheds light on the use of ELRs in biomedical applications.

Congratulations Arturo, we wish you the best!!

Our student Mohammed Hamed Misbah defend his thesis

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On July 11th, our student Mohammed Hamed Misbah presented his thesis named “Controlled Formation of Nanostructures Based on Elastin-like Recombinamers” It was carried out under the supervision of  Prof. José Carlos Rodríguez Cabello and Prof. Luis Quintanilla Sierra.

In his Thesis, Mohammed study the synergistic combination between multiple and outstanding properties stemmed from different materials: elastin-like recombinamers (ELRs) inspired by natural elastin, calcium phosphate and carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Understanding of such fundamental processes aims to construct new ELRs and develop new functional materials, thus transferring new ideas to artificial materials and different applications.

Well done Mohammed! we wish you the best!













Our student María Jesús Piña defend her thesis

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María Jesús Piña defended her thesis on the 24th of June. It was entitled “ELR-based nanocomplexes with potential biomedical uses”.

In her thesis, carried out under the supervision of  Fco. Javier Arias Vallejo and José Carlos Rodríguez Cabello, she focused in the design and application of novel ELR nanocomplexes for drug and gene delivery. Along her thesis, ELR biomaterials have been used for cancer treatment, and specifically for breast cancer as final goal.

Congratulatios Chus, we wish you the best !!





Alicia, our favourite student from Zamora defend her Thesis on the 22 of February

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Alicia’s thesis entitled “Thermosensitive injetable hydrogels with enhanced stability based on elastin, silk and leucine zipper motifs for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications”, was carried out under the supervision of Matilde Alonso and Javier Arias.

In her Thesis, Alicia explores the properties and applications of two new sequences of Elastin like polymers, containing the Silk and Zipper motifs, that showed the ability to form physical hydrogels.

Congratulatios Alicia!!



Congratulations to our Dr. Guillermo Pinedo for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis on July 16 2014

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His work entitled: “Development of Nanostructures and Highly Functional Systems with Complex Molecular Architecture Based on Elastin-Like Recombinamers” was carried out under the direction of Matilde Alonso Rodrigo and José Carlos Rodríguez Cabello. Best wishes Gui!

Congratulations to María del Carmen García Arévalo for winning the PhD Award of 2012

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Congratulations for winning the PhD Award of 2012 in the best PhD thesis competition of the University of Valladolid in the Health Sciences Area. Her thesis titled “Elastin-Like Recombinamers for Advanced Biomedical Applications: Tissue Engineering, Gene Delivery and Nanovaccines” was carried out in our group BIOFORGE, under the direction of Francisco Javier Arias Vallejo and José Carlos Rodríguez Cabello

Dr. Artur Jorge Araújo Magalhães Ribeiro successfully defend his Ph.D. thesis

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Congratulations to Dr. Artur Jorge Araújo Magalhães Ribeiro  on successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis entitled:  “Functionality Development In Systems Based On Elastin-like Recombinamers: From Nano-objects To Macrogels!”, in March 2010 .

Artur well spent his time in Valladolid to gain his PhD during his early stage researcher grant of the Marie Curie research training network  “BIOPOLYSURF”. Way to go Artur!