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Innovadores-Diaripo de Valladolid 12-07-16

Bioforge’s group in the searching of therapies against isquemia

BIOFORGE, from the UVA, design biomaterials able to induce the generation of new blood vessels within the framework of the ANGIOMAT European Project. The consoptium comprises entities from eight diferent countries and the initiative will be extended until 2017. Read the news in “El diario de Valladolid”

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Our student María Jesús Piña defend her thesis

María Jesús Piña defended her thesis on the 24th of June. It was entitled “ELR-based nanocomplexes with potential biomedical uses”. In her thesis, carried out under the supervision of  Fco. Javier Arias Vallejo and José Carlos Rodríguez Cabello, she focused in the design and application of novel ELR nanocomplexes for drug and gene delivery. Along her thesis, ELR biomaterials

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The protectors

The protectors of the cells

The newspaper “El día de Valladolid” has visited our facilities the 6th of May, 2016.

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Alicia, our favourite student from Zamora defend her Thesis on the 22 of February

Alicia’s thesis entitled “Thermosensitive injetable hydrogels with enhanced stability based on elastin, silk and leucine zipper motifs for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications”, was carried out under the supervision of Matilde Alonso and Javier Arias. In her Thesis, Alicia explores the properties and applications of two new sequences of Elastin like polymers, containing the Silk

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LUCIA building from the UVa wins the Green Building Solutions award in the category of Zero Energy Buildings

This Net Zero Energy and Zero CO2 Emission Building is destined to shelter the laboratories and the research center of the University of Valladolid. It combines thorough bioclimatic design and use of renewable energies to respond to every energy need of the project. The energy mix includes biomass, photovoltaic solar energy and geothermal energy. A

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Drawn out proteins make self-healing scaffolds

An international team of researchers from London, Israel, Portugal and Spain has made tubular protein-based structures that can be shaped into a network by manually pulling out new branches from existing tubes. The structure is based in one of the elastin-like proteins (ELP) created by the Bioforge group. It is self-healing and bioactive, and can support the growth

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G.I.R BIOFORGE in the local News

Last monday we were visited by the local TV channel “Radio televisión Castilla y León”, and that’s how we show in the news on Saturday at 14:30 :

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The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research distinguishes the work of Arturo Ibáñez, Matilde Alonso and Jose Carlos Rodríguez-Cabello

The American Society for Bone and Mineral Research distinguishes the work titled “Regeneración tisular ósea mediante implante de matriz obtenida por técnicas de ADN recombinante” from the authors Coletta DJ. Ibáñez Fonseca A, Missana LR, Bumaguin GE, Vitelli EJ, Garbino F, Zabalza F, Amavet C, Aimone M. Jammal MV, Alonso M, Rodríguez-Cabello JC, Feldman S.

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Anhang 13

¡European Researchers’ Night in Valladolid!

One year more our students associated to European projects have parcitipated in the European Researchers’ Night in the Science Museum of Valladolid. Through this event, the visitors have the opportunity to take part in the science activities that they develop. We would like to thank all the people that came around to know their work. Well done guys!   European Researchers’

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Israel González receives the European Doctorate Award 2015

El Norte de Castilla Israel’s thesis called: “Biofunctional hydrogels based on elastin-like recombinamers as substitutes of extracellular matrix” has won the European Doctorade Award 2015, granted by the European Society of Biomaterials. The new created hydrogels are able to induce tissue regeneration, bone healing and avoids the rejection of body foreign materials like titanium stents. Congrats Isra!!  

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The XXX Liac Meeting on Vascular Research in Valladolid

The XXX Latinorum Investigatorum de Arteriis Colloquium “LIAC” meeting will be celebrated in Valladolid from 22th to 25th of Octuber. The meeting took place in the Conde Anzures Palace of the University of Valladolid BIOFORGE of organized The Latin Society for Vascular Research invites participating which objective improving the quality of basic and applied research in

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Congratulation to Alicia!

Alicia Fernandez-Colino, recently won the first Prize for her oral presentation in the competition of the XIII GEP  conference

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Our PhD student Israel González de Torre wins first prize at E-MRS 2014 Fall Meeting.

Israel, a BIOFORGE PhD student was awarded in the E-MRS 2014 Fall Meeting (15-18 September, 2014 Warsaw, Poland).

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Congratulations to our Dr. Guillermo Pinedo for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis on July 16 2014

His work entitled: “Development of Nanostructures and Highly Functional Systems with Complex Molecular Architecture Based on Elastin-Like Recombinamers” was carried out under the direction of Matilde Alonso Rodrigo and José Carlos Rodríguez Cabello. Best wishes Gui!

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Congratulations to Alessandra!

Congratulations to Alessandra for winning the first prize in the competition of the 6th International Meeting on Biotecnology!

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Congratulations to Laura Martín Maroto for winning the Second Prize in GEP’s Award of 2012

Congratulations for winning the Second Prize in GEP’s Award of 2012 in the best PhD thesis competition of the Spanish Polymer Group “GEP” a division of the Spanish Royal Society of Chemistry and the Spanish Royal Society of Physics. Her thesis titled “Stimuli-Responsive Systems Based on Elastin-Like Recombinamers for Biomedical Applications” was carried out in

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Congratulations to María del Carmen García Arévalo for winning the PhD Award of 2012

Congratulations for winning the PhD Award of 2012 in the best PhD thesis competition of the University of Valladolid in the Health Sciences Area. Her thesis titled “Elastin-Like Recombinamers for Advanced Biomedical Applications: Tissue Engineering, Gene Delivery and Nanovaccines” was carried out in our group BIOFORGE, under the direction of Francisco Javier Arias Vallejo and

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Smart materials

The work of BIOFORGE group in development of advanced materials for biomedical applications was reported in the daily newspapers “El Norte de Castilla” El Norte de Castilla

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The first EBT of University of Valladolid was born!

The “Technical Proteins Nanobiotechnology, S.L.” is an “EBT” Based Technology Company newly constituted in Valladolid.  Technical Proteins’ mission is the design, development and commercialization of therapeutic platform based on recombinant protein polymers. Visit the homepage of Technical Proteins Nanobiotechnology, S.L

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Dr. Artur Jorge Araújo Magalhães Ribeiro successfully defend his Ph.D. thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Artur Jorge Araújo Magalhães Ribeiro  on successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis entitled:  “Functionality Development In Systems Based On Elastin-like Recombinamers: From Nano-objects To Macrogels!”, in March 2010 . Artur well spent his time in Valladolid to gain his PhD during his early stage researcher grant of the Marie Curie research training network  “BIOPOLYSURF”.

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Matilde Alonso, F. J Arias and J. Carlos Rodriguez-Cabello obtain the Awards Competition 2009 “CAMPUS EMPRENDE”

Congratulation to Matilde Alonso, F. J Arias and J. Carlos Rodriguez-Cabello to obtain the Awards Competition 2009 “CAMPUS EMPRENDE” in the category of business venture entitled:”New material in Biomedical Area”.  CAMPUS EMPRENDE is the fruit of collaboration between the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Economy and Employment, and the nine universities located in our

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Congratulations to Javier Reguera Gómez

Congratulations to Javier Reguera Gómez for winning the GEP’s Award  in the best PhD thesis competition of the Spanish Polymer Group “GEP”

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