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Mineralized materials

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The consortium formed by the BIOFORGE group from the University of Valladolid and the Queen Mary’s University from London, has developed a new method to form mineralized materials with the aim to regenerate hard tissues such as enamel and bone. This study can be read at Nature Communications

Read the news here: europapress, noticiasdelaciencia, elnortedecastilla

BIOFORGE group is involved into the BIOGEL European project for the development of new hydrogels containing specific properties

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Diario de Valladolid

Bioforge research group from the University of Valladolid (UVA) is involved within the Horizon 2020 program together with other German, Austrian, Greek and Dutch colleagues for the development of new hydrogels containing specific properties.

The development is focussed into the creation of sensitive hydrogels for the diagnosis and therapies in the biomedicl field. This kind of hydrogels contains high amount of water and are composed of molecular networks surrounded by pores that confers them high elasticity and strenght.

¿Do you know how scaffolds can be used to fix damaged heart tissue?

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¿Do you know how scaffolds can be used to fix damaged heart tissue? 

Under the project of AngioMatTrain, the following video has been developed to explain to you the concept of cells, how a heart attack happens and how the developed scaffolds can be used to fix damage heart tissue.

Just have a look!




Bioforge’s group in the searching of therapies against isquemia

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BIOFORGE, from the UVA, design biomaterials able to induce the generation of new blood vessels within the framework of the ANGIOMAT European Project. The consoptium comprises entities from eight diferent countries and the initiative will be extended until 2017.

Read the news in “El diario de Valladolid”

The protectors of the cells

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The newspaper “El día de Valladolid” has visited our facilities the 6th of May, 2016.

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LUCIA building from the UVa wins the Green Building Solutions award in the category of Zero Energy Buildings

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This Net Zero Energy and Zero CO2 Emission Building is destined to shelter the laboratories and the research center of the University of Valladolid. It combines thorough bioclimatic design and use of renewable energies to respond to every energy need of the project.

The energy mix includes biomass, photovoltaic solar energy and geothermal energy. A strategy to reduce consumptions was also layed out. This building is an excellent example of sustainability for the management and production of autonomous local renewable energies, contributing to decentralizing energy and to developing renewable energies.

G.I.R BIOFORGE in the local News

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Last monday we were visited by the local TV channel “Radio televisión Castilla y León”, and that’s how we show in the news on Saturday at 14:30 :